Welcome to the Western District Cricket Union website.  The Union organises and promotes cricket to half the population of Scotland, from Dumfries & Galloway in the south-west, up the west coast, and across the central belt to the Forth Valley.  We co-ordinate with the West District Junior Cricket Union, local authorities and Cricket Scotland to encourage youth development and provide a structured developmental pathway with the aim of allowing the game to flourish and grow at all levels.  From the Premier Division to the Greenwood Trophy, the Union provides competitions for all its member clubs, from 50-over Saturday cricket to competitive T20 competitions.

Latest news and notices

  • COVID-19 – WDCU guidance on cricket match activity, 3 July 2020 (3rd July 2020)

    Please see below an email sent to all clubs today regarding cricket match activity.  As there has been some correspondence/information received regarding cricket match activity please see the most up-to-date guidance from the WDCU:

    The target date for resumption of games remains 1st August 2020.  This has not been confirmed yet by Cricket Scotland and remains open to change.

    When the resumption of cricket matches is permitted, the WDCU does not propose to deliver any competitions, however are happy to facilitate matches by providing an up to date contacts lists for clubs to arrange games themselves.  The WDCU believe that locally, possibly hub-based, T20 matches are the best option due to continuing travel constraints and the lack of changing and catering facilities.

    Should they require them, clubs will be responsible for arranging umpires and paying match fees and travel expenses.  The WDCU suggest that local umpires should be used where possible.

    As any matches will not be run under formal WDCU auspices and therefore there are no PlayerReg requirements.

    Clubs should be aware that it is their responsibility to conduct a risk assessment and to ensure that all relevant COVID-19 guidelines are adhered to should they organise any matches.”

    Covid-19 return to cricket

    Further guidance will be issued as and when any new information becomes available.
  • COVID-19 – Update on cricket activity from Cricket Scotland (2nd July 2020)

    Information sent from Cricket Scotland to all clubs on 1 July 2020.

    “We have received further guidance today from sportscotland in regards to guidance for clubs to return to cricket.  Please note there is one major change to the key requirements and it is good news as we have been advised that toilet facilities can now open.  Scottish Government guidance on opening public toilets can be found here.  Additionally, outdoor hospitality, including catering and bar services, can reopen from 6 July 2020 providing they adhere to Scottish Government guidance.  Our guidelines have been updated to reflect this and can be found on the COVID-19 page here and the updated sportscotland document ‘Outdoor Sports Guidance’ can be found here.

    “As before, please direct any questions or suggestions to: general@cricketscotland.com.”

  • COVID-19 – Cricket Scotland update on return to cricket guidance (23rd June 2020)

    Please see a further notice from Cricket Scotland.  Please note the information regarding the non use of toilets.

    “Further to the email this morning, sportscotland have approved our guidance for clubs to return to cricket.  Please note there is one major change to the key requirements as we have been advised that toilet facilities must remain closed.  This was referred to in points 5 and 6 in the Key Requirements (which are now 9 Key Requirements!)  I suspect there will be further messages coming from sportscotland on the subject and we await further announcements from the Scottish Government.  The guidelines can be found on the Cricket Scotland website COVID-19 page HERE.  (Link also below.)

    “We are keen to share FAQs and any innovative ideas that clubs have come up with on how to modify training therefore please get in touch with us at general@cricketscotland.com

    “Cricket Scotland acknowledges the pressure that clubs will be under from members to get back to cricket activity – thank you for your patience and understanding during this incredibly challenging time.  Hopefully this is the start of a rapid return to cricket activity in Scotland.”

    Covid-19 Return to cricket

  • COVID-19 – Cricket Scotland return to cricket guidance (23rd June 2020)

    Here is a note from Cricket Scotland providing their most up to date guidance for the return of cricket activity in Scotland.

    “Following the announcement on 18th June by the Scottish Government that we are moving in stages to Phase 2 of the route map, cricket clubs will be able to use outdoor cricket facilities (nets and pitches) for the purpose of undertaking exercise and training from 29th June.  We have submitted our final guidance document to sportscotland and expect this to be approved in the next 24 hours.  We appreciate that some clubs will be keen to return to activity on the 29th and therefore to ensure appropriate time for preparation and planning, we have launched a new website page with guidance and resources for clubs HERE. (Link also below.)  Please also find attached a .pdf of the ’10 Key Requirements’ for a safe return to cricket based on Scottish Government guidance.  As you know this is a fluid situation and guidance is constantly being modified, therefore we will endeavour to update you in a timely manner.”

    COVID-19 Return to cricket

    Return to cricket guidance – 10 Key Requirements

  • Cricket Scotland – COVID-19 update, 18 June 2020 (19th June 2020)

    Please see below the most recent COVID-19 update from Cricket Scotland.  More information to follow shortly from the WDCU.

    Cricket Scotland update on cricket activity in Scotland, 18 June 2020

  • COVID-19 – No cricket cctivity until at least 1st July – reminder to clubs and players (9th June 2020)

    Please see below a communication sent to all clubs earlier today.

    “This is just a reminder that as per the guidance from Cricket Scotland guidance there should be no cricket activity until at least the 1st of July.  I do so as there have been some reports of recreational cricket activity happening in some public parks.  As a reminder Cricket Scotland has submitted plans to the Scottish Government for approval for the return to training at elite and club level in anticipation that cricket will form part of the Scottish Government’s Phase 2 plan to allow players and coaches to return to training. It is hoped that those plans will be approved shortly before Phase 2 commences.

    “Any approval and potential return to cricket activity announced by the Scottish Government around the 18th of June (Phase 2) would only take effect from the 1st of July so at present there is no cricket activity permitted.

    “I will keep you updated with all progress with this matter.

    “Look out for new posts as the information unfolds!”

    Iain Kennedy, WDCU Administrator

  • Scottish cricket’s unsung Hero – Sam Scott, Ferguslie CC (9th June 2020)

    Please find below a link to an article on the Cricket Scotland website regarding the voluntary work of Ferguslie CC Youth Convenor Sam Scott. (Real name Alistair John Scott!).  It is deserved recognition for a man affectionally known as “Saggy” for a long period of sterling service to the game of cricket not only at Ferguslie but with the Scottish national age group teams. Have a read.

    Sam Scott

  • Club Update (8th June 2020)

    Please see below a note dent to clubs on 5-06 from the WDCU Administrator.

    Just a short update from me.  Firstly thanks to all the clubs that have sent in a list of players to be deactivated from PlayerReg.  By so doing I have been asked to de-register over 350 players leaving us with just over 2,500 registered players. I am sure there are more to be done so please if you haven’t done so send me in your list when you can.

    On a similar vein a number of you have gone through the list I sent you of poor quality photographs on PlayerReg and have now submitted much improved ones.  There are still a good number needing updated so if you could give that a nudge that would be great.

    We are all looking forward to potentially having some cricket activity and work is ongoing between Cricket Scotland and sportscotland on guidance as to what this may look like starting July the 1st.  Once the guidance has been agreed it will be distributed to regions and clubs and plans can be made.  Hopefully this should happen fairly soon.

    Finally if you haven’t done so please keep on the look out for COVID-19 support funding. I know a lot of you have done this and I am aware that a healthy number of grants have been made to clubs in the west.

    I will be back in touch as soon as I can.

    Iain Kennedy, WDCU Administrator

  • Cricket Scotland – COVID 19 update, 28 May 2020 (29th May 2020)

    Please see below the link to the most recent COVID-19 update from Cricket Scotland.  Please continue to stay safe and well.

    Cricket Scotland update on cricket activity, 28 May 2020

  • Cricket Scotland reiterates current guidance for Scottish clubs (19th May 2020)

    Cricket Scotland would like to confirm that the recent announcement made by the England and Wales Cricket Board regarding a return to outdoor cricket activity only applies to clubs in England.

    Cricket activity within Scotland remains on hold until at least the 1st of July, as announced by Cricket Scotland on 13 May 2020.

    Full article: Cricket Scotland reiterates current guidance for Scottish cricket clubs