Club Information Update 2-08-2021 – In season transfers and new player registrations.
Please see a note sent to all club contacts this afternoon.
Would all clubs please note that the deadline for transfers and new registrations of 31st July 2021 has now passed and, as such, no further transfers or new registrations will be permitted until the end of the season unless there are exceptional circumstances.
The CMC is very concerned with the number of in-season transfer requests made this year, especially from players who have already played competitive fixtures in WDCU competitions. It has taken up a huge amount of the administrator’s time and effort as well as the CMC’s which, especially this season, would have been better used elsewhere. Clubs and players should note that transfer regulations will be enforced much more rigorously again next season and, any player that has played a competitive fixture for another club in the WDCU or elsewhere in the same season, will be unlikely to be permitted an in season transfer in 2022 without a compelling reason.
Duncan Paterson CMC Chair
Western Cup 2021 – Winners- Partick

Following their success in 2019 holders Partick retained the Western Cup in last nights final with St. Ninians. A dominant display with bat and ball eased Partick to victory at Meikleriggs . Thanks to Ferguslie for hosting the game on a lovely evening with the ground in fine condition. Thanks also to umpires Colin McLardie and Roy Pearson for their umpiring duties.

Commiserations to St.Ninians and congratulations to Partick on a splendid victory.

Western Cup Final, Tuesday 27th July 2021, 6pm, Meikleriggs

Hi everyone,

Partick will line up against St. Ninian’s in the final of this year’s Western Cup.  The second string of both West of Scotland and Prestwick have been in fine form this year so this game should be a cracker.  Please come along if you can, and look out for the COVID-19 regulations.

Iain Kennedy
WDCU Administrator

Club information update – COVID-19 Guidance, 26 July 2021

Please see most recent guidance sent from Cricket Scotland to all club contacts today.  Some good news for us all.

Afternoon all,

Guidance for club cricket for Level 0 now includes updates on bubble sizes, changing rooms, and spectators as follows:

  • Club fixtures and cricket festivals can now take place between clubs with maximum bubble size of 500.
  • The use of changing rooms is permitted where deemed necessary.  Examples of what is “deemed necessary” are provided in the guidance under 4.9.
  • Spectators are now permitted with restrictions in line with Scottish Government events sector guidance.  Details on the restrictions are provided in the guidance under 4.8.

The full guidance document can be found here.

Thank you for your patience on this, and please let me know if you have any queries.

Club information update, and Fair Play league tables

Hi everyone, Please see most recent club information update including the fair Play league tables at the mid point of the Saturday league season. Click on the attachment below to see how your club is fairing.

Good afternoon,

A few bits and pieces for you.

Firstly could I remind everyone to input their summary and full scorecards in as per the agreed timescales. Please remember to input all competition results so that our website stays current!!

Please also keep letting me know should any fixtures be rearranged.

It is also important that where required the captains report on the umpires performance is submitted too.  I summarise these reports and forward to CSMOA who use the information to inform  appointments and arrange feedback to the umpires.

In games where there are player:umpires this report should also be completed so I can monitor the standard of each teams player umpiring and if necessary consider issuing sanctions to those not up to standard.

As we are at the half way point of the season I have issued the “Fair Play” league tables to date.  I am pleased that there are very many 5s awarded (the highest score) and to date only five 1s.  Check out where your teams lie in the tables, and if you are not pleased with what you see please take some action to bring about improvements.  Please remember the scores given are from your opponents, not the umpires or WDCU.

WDCU fair play scores

WDCU have had a number of COVID-19 related issues reported to it, and I would encourage you to keep letting me know should you have any positive cases or players having to self isolate.

Good luck for the second half of the season.

Kind regards.

Iain Kennedy
WDCU Administrator

Greenwood Cup Semi-Finals – Thursday, 22nd July

The Semi-Finals of the Greenwood Cup take place this Thursday night with a 6pm start.  The winners meet in the Final at Albert Park on the 5th of August.

Hillhead v GHK
Motherwell v Albert Park

McCulloch Cup Semi-Final – update

Tonight’s McCulloch Cup tie between Prestwick and Calero Kelburne has been postponed due to COVID-19 in the Kelburne camp. The tie will now be held at Henry Thow Oval on Wednesday, 28th July.

The other Semi-Final takes place tonight at Hamilton Crescent where McCrea FS West of Scotland take on Clydesdale with the game starting at 6pm.

Club information update, 9 July 2021

The following update was sent to clubs this afternoon:

Good afternoon,

Just a couple of updates for everyone:

Could all clubs ensure that all summary and main scorecards are completed “accurately”, and on time. A number of ‘cards have been submitted with significant gaps in the information provided which is poor.  Could I also remind clubs  that the Captain’s Report (on umpires) and Fairplay Scores (on the other team) should be completed for all games including games that are player umpired.  By so doing I am able to inform CSMOA of issues regarding umpires, and also see both negative and positive trends in player behaviour.

COVID-19 cases are on the increase, and I would remind all clubs that should you have positive cases or players self isolating to let me know the details.  To date I have logged ten “club cases” which in the main have been well contained, and not led to too many cancellations.  Fingers crossed it stays that way!!

Could I remind clubs that there are now clear specifications which bats need to meet.  Please note that CSMOA umpires are holding random checks, and bats that don’t meet the required standard cannot be used.

Finally, can I remind clubs of their responsibilities regarding player and official behaviour.  To date there have been six Level One disciplinary reports which I would be keen did not rise any higher!

Play hard but play fair!!!

Iain Kennedy
WDCU Administrator

Bat checks!

All cricketers should note that all bats have specifications that they have to meet.  CSMOA umpires will hold random matchday checks, and bats that don’t meet the required standard will not be available for use.  Please check your bat(s) and make sure they fit the bill!!