Club information update, 9 July 2021

The following update was sent to clubs this afternoon:

Good afternoon,

Just a couple of updates for everyone:

Could all clubs ensure that all summary and main scorecards are completed “accurately”, and on time. A number of ‘cards have been submitted with significant gaps in the information provided which is poor.  Could I also remind clubs  that the Captain’s Report (on umpires) and Fairplay Scores (on the other team) should be completed for all games including games that are player umpired.  By so doing I am able to inform CSMOA of issues regarding umpires, and also see both negative and positive trends in player behaviour.

COVID-19 cases are on the increase, and I would remind all clubs that should you have positive cases or players self isolating to let me know the details.  To date I have logged ten “club cases” which in the main have been well contained, and not led to too many cancellations.  Fingers crossed it stays that way!!

Could I remind clubs that there are now clear specifications which bats need to meet.  Please note that CSMOA umpires are holding random checks, and bats that don’t meet the required standard cannot be used.

Finally, can I remind clubs of their responsibilities regarding player and official behaviour.  To date there have been six Level One disciplinary reports which I would be keen did not rise any higher!

Play hard but play fair!!!

Iain Kennedy
WDCU Administrator