COVID-19 – WDCU support to clubs – information sent to clubs on 23 March 2020

These are worrying and uncertain times for all our clubs. At present, it remains premature to speculate as to when or if we will get cricket this season, as things are changing so rapidly.

In the meantime, the WDCU Executive Committee have been discussing how the Union might offer some practical assistance to member clubs.  We have a strong balance sheet, and in the past we have been questioned whether this should not be used. This is exactly the situation where we can use it in a measured way for the benefit of our member clubs. We have therefore agreed the following measures:

  • Refund all 2020 subscriptions already paid. Clubs who have not already paid these will not require to do so.
  • Refund any ball order payments already made, and we can start again if the season does get underway. Free balls to apply still, as and when cricket is played again.
  • Provide an additional cash payment – a dividend/hardship payment, to all clubs on the same basis as the subs but based at £200 for a Class 1 club, scaling down for Class 2 and Class 3 in line with subscription payment levels. This is intended as a contribution towards necessary cricket costs such as ground maintenance, etc. We appreciate that it is a relatively blunt rather than targeted strategy, but the cost and logistical challenges are more significant to implement quickly.
  • Allow clubs with existing WDCU loans to defer loan repayments for an agreed period on application. Please advise, via the Administrator, if you wish to take this up.
  • Consideration to be given to loans to club for a wider remit than normal such as essential ground running costs.  Usual terms to apply.  Again, please make initial contact via the Administrator.

The implementation of refunds and the cash payment to clubs will be made by Keith Young, the WDCU Treasurer as soon as possible.

We are also in regular dialogue with Cricket Scotland regarding the overall situation, including the financial situation facing clubs.

Finally, we hope that all your members and supporters come through these difficult times safely.

WDCU Executive Committee.