WDCU Club update – Week 2

A better weekend weatherwise for cricket so lots of games played. The Fair Play system is now working well and scores are coming in. The bad news is that one team scored a 1 so that is disappointing!! A full update will be provided at the end of the month so please constantly feed in the message that player behaviour and playing in the spirit of the game are important.
Captains are reminded to complete the fair Play form and their Captains reports every week. One thing to make sure happens is that the correct umpires name is included in the form. I had a couple of errors this week!!
Captains are also reminded that if you have no umpires that they should mark in a score for the overall umpiring performance of the opposition team in the captains report. Its important to find out if there are any teams not umpiring fairly!!

After a few teething problems with passwords for the Cricket stats site are all working and we are now pretty much at full capacity for short and long score entry. The issue with the bonus points is now sorted!
Can I remind all clubs of their responsibility to pay the umpires match fee. This should be done by each team (one each) and immediately after the game at the latest. Umpires should not have to come and ask!

Iain Kennedy Administrator