Welcome to the Western District Cricket Union website.  The Union organises and promotes cricket to half the population of Scotland, from Dumfries & Galloway in the south-west, up the west coast, and across the central belt to the Forth Valley.  We co-ordinate with the West District Junior Cricket Union, local authorities and Cricket Scotland to encourage youth development and provide a structured developmental pathway with the aim of allowing the game to flourish and grow at all levels.  From the Premier Division to the Greenwood Trophy, the Union provides competitions for all its member clubs, from 50-over Saturday cricket to competitive T20 competitions.

Latest news and notices

  • Club communication 11-05-2022 (11th May 2022)
    Please see communication sent to all club contacts today.
    It may not seem like it but we are making progress in the introduction of the new WDCU Live Digital Platform. In my covid isolation as I was able to look in on lots of live streamed games and follow Live scorecards. so well done to those who have achieved that.
    The biggest issue remains the uploading of the scorecards on to the system and this needs some attention. Please look at the league tables and the scorecards and check for accuracy and completeness. There are still a number of issues that need resolved. Points to emphasize at this time:
    • Make sure the game is downloaded on the system before it starts
    • Make sure your team is entered on the system before the match takes place.
    • When submitting your scorecard you do not need to  add in ‘winning points’ the system does that for you
    • You do have to enter the losing bonus points or is in the case of Division 4 the draw points
    • At the end of the game the away team has to accept the scorecard for it to go live.
    • Make sure all players are registered on WDCU Live. George Burns kindly uploaded all players from Player Reg and Cricket Stats on 19th February. You need to add in any players  registered following that date.
    A big thanks to George Burns who is doing a great job guiding us and dealing with our issues and if we are all patient and stick at it we will get it working well.
    Could I remind all clubs to complete the Captains Report where you have CSMOA appointed umpires. This can be completed on Whos the Umpire. Please ask your captain to register if he hasn’t already done so and if he goes into the support hub it will point him to the report form. Its important that umpires get regular and accurate feedback so that all training and support needs can be met.
    In games where there are player umpires no formal  reporting system is in place this year but I would encourage all teams who have an issue with the standard of player umpiring or any fair play issue to send me the details by email. This way I will be able to monitor any trends for clubs failing to achieve the required standard.
    Please also remember that all in season transfers can only be approved by WDCU if they are supported by a fully completed TR1 Form. No transfer request will be accepted without this form. I have attached it for your use.
    I am disappointed to report that last weekends games resulted in the first two disciplinary reports. Two captains also received low scores in the Umpires Fair play report for ‘ respect of umpires,’ and two umpires  reported unruly behaviour from supporters at pitch side.
    As you know the message from WDCU has consistently been about  playing in the spirit of the game and with respect to all. WDCU will deal with all who players, spectators and clubs who fail  to meet the required standard. You have been warned!!
    Finally just a warning about those of you who play games covered Frog box – It picks up all bad language and inappropriate sledging and behaviour really well!!!!
    Regards Iain
  • Club Communication 6-05-2022 (6th May 2022)

    Please see the most recent communication sent to all club contacts:

    It looks like we are going to get lots of cricket so everyone can engage with WDCU Live and hopefully we can have a lot of live scores and other cards uploaded after the games too. Please alert me to any issues and we can hopefully sort and share them.
    Could teams in Div 3 and 4 note that the start time for games is scheduled at 12 noon. This has changed from last season and is now accurate in WDCU Live. Clubs have the option to start at 1pm and a few teams have notified me of some games that will start then. Please contact your opponents if there is any doubt regarding start times.
    I believe their are a small number of clubs providing teas. If you are providing teas could you please make sure that the opposition and any appointed CSMOA Umpires are informed.
    Clubs are reminded that as the season has now started all ‘in season transfers’ need to be requested by completing  form TR1. I have attached this for your information. Please note that transfers need to be completed in both Player Reg and WDCU Live.
    Three of the four Cup finals have now been arranged for this season. With the McCulloch Cup being successfully held on a Sunday last year, this  years finals will all be on Sundays:
    Rowan Cup – Sunday 10th July – 1pm – at Meikleriggs
    Western Cup – Sunday 31st July – 1pm- at Henry Thow Oval
    Greenwood Cup – Sunday 7th August -1pm –  at Albert Park
    McCulloch Cup TBC
    Finally and again with no apology a reminder on player behaviour:
    The message from the WDCU and CSMOA is repeated: ‘Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’
    Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU/CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.
    Iain Kennedy
  • Club Communication 4-05-2022 (4th May 2022)
    Please see below a communication sent to all clubs this afternoon:
    Apologies to all I am struggling with a nasty bout of Covid so if you don’t get me you know why!!
    Firstly thanks to everyone for getting through week one of WDCU Live. I know lots of games were off but a good few of you managed to either live score or upload your score card later in the day.  We did experience a few problems but I would ask you to continue to do your best. You should all have registered and attained log ins and if you are having difficulty with that contact George Burns at CS. Hopefully the weather will be kinder this weekend and we can get a full quota of games to try the system out. If you encounter a problem ( and find a solution) please let me know so I can share it with everyone. Please note Cricket Stats is not functioning in the West this season.
    Would all clubs please note that the ‘Captains Report’ on all CSMOA appointed umpires should be made on Whos the umpire following the game . In games where there are no appointed umpires if there are any concerns regarding the player umpiring please contact me directly with details at admin@wdcu.co.uk
    There has been a slight error in the Saturday Division 4 fixtures upload to WDCU Live in that the start time for games should show as 12 noon. (That is a change from last year). These will be changed soon but in the meantime could all Div 4 teams please contact your opponents and make sure you agree your starting time. 12 noon preferable bu 1pm if you both agree
    From Poloc CC a notice for all travelling to Shawholm:
    Just an update following the reopening of the Burrell Collection early this year for those heading to Shawholm. There is no right turn into Pollok Country Park on Pollokshaws Road for those coming from the city centre. All vehicles are diverted around the roundabout and back along Pollokshaws Road.  Car parks within the estate are now charging but the Poloc car park is still free for members and visitors but there should be no parking on verges around the car park or at the back of the clubhouse.
    Exit is now slightly different with all vehicles turning left out of the car park and then a right turn between the clubhouse and the Police dogs which takes cars out onto Haggs Road.
     ‘To conclude and with no apology- The message from the WDCU and CSMOA is repeated: ‘Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’
    Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU/CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.
    Kind regards Iain

    Iain Kennedy

  • Alex Simpson – Andersons East Kilbride CC (2nd May 2022)

    It is with much sadness that the news of Alex Simpsons passing has been shared with the WDCU by East Kilbride CC. One of the West districts great cricket characters he will be sadly missed by his family and cricket enthusiasts alike. Speaking of Alex, Tom Halpin of Prestwick CC described him as one of the two best captains he ever played for and a fantastic motivator. I’m sure we will all have fond memories of Alex but I distinctly recall his supportive and encouraging words to me as I started out on my ‘District’ career in the early 80s. Kind words stay with you forever and I’m sure he shared many.

    Alex family shared that he died peacefully on the 28th April with them by his side. Alex funeral will be on Monday the 9th May at St Columba’s Church Airdrie at 13:30 then onto Daldowie Crematorium for 14:45. There will be food and refreshments provided thereafter at the Tudor Hotel.
    His son Andy commented ‘Rest in peace Dad you’ll be captaining a new cricket team in heaven with all the players who have passed before you! All our love to the best Dad ever’ xx Andy Simpson.
    Iain Kennedy WDCU Administrator



  • Club Communication 26-04-2022 (26th April 2022)

    Please see a communication sent to all club contacts today.

    A few updates for you;
    Firstly a note from West of Scotland CC that their clubhouse has not yet been restored following the disastrous floodof last year. They have ensured that there is operational changing rooms, toilets and tea facilities but unfortunately the basement is out of bounds so there are no showers. Also the back of clubhouse is closed off so currently there is no separate facility for umpires but it is hoped there will be a remedy to that before the season starts. Please also note that teas will be provided at all 3 West of Scotland Saturday home team fixtures including those held at New Williamfield.
    Secondly Kilmarnock CC has informed me that there are proposed major roadworks in the area and access to the ground may be compromised for the early part of the season. Please note all clubs and appointed umpires due at Scott Ellis Field should contact the club for the most up to date details.
    Hopefully now we all have a basic idea on the new WDCU Live scoring system. I am sure there will be teething problems and I would ask you all to try your best to engage with it. If you have issues please share them with me and I can share with others as they might be having the same problem:
    A couple of points to note that have come up this week:
    • Two scorers can score the same game on the software at the same time. First scorer in will be the live scorer. The 2nd scorer can score but will not update the database.
    • Scorecards can be entered on EITHER the Admin platform (on a laptop) or the scoring software (on a tablet). Both teams have to be selected before you can input the full scorecard. The advice from CS is, if possible, to enter the scorecard in the scoring software. In the scoring software you can select BOTH teams, but if you input your team on the admin platform you CANNOT enter the opposition team. They have to do that, as administrators on the admin platform can only see their own players.
    • There is currently a problem viewing scorecards from games that have been live scored and filmed. This is being investigated.
    • It is still recommended that each team provide a scorer where possible.
    Please remember there will be no sanctions for those struggling to complete thier scorecards in the early part of the season. if we work together all the problems can be overcome!!
    Finally one last reminder regarding the WDCU and CSMOA Player Behaviour message for the season:
    The message from the WDCU and CSMOA is: ‘Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’
    Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU/CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.
  • WDCU Club Communication 22-04 – 2022 – High Priority (22nd April 2022)

    Please see club communication sent on 22-04


    A lengthy update today as there is lots to share.
    • IMPORTANT: Could all clubs please note that for season 2022, with the agreement and support of CSMOA, and Cricket Scotland, the WDCU  has decided to adopt now the MCC’s changes to Law 41.3 which will officially become part of the Laws of Cricket in October, regarding the prohibition of saliva use on the match ball. CSMOA officials will be adopting this across all domestic competitions they officiate in Scotland.
      The change to this new Law, preserves the playing conditions widely adopted during the Covid period that prohibited the use of saliva to change the ball’s condition. Instead of saliva, players can continue to use sweat to polish the ball.

      In games with no appointed umpires, the WDCU expects that clubs and team captains will ensure enforcement of this during matches and inform WDCU of any issues.
    • You are aware that the new CS Live and WDCU Live systems are now operational and training has  been delivered to Regional Association officers and club scorers and officials.  WDCU anticipate that there will be some difficulties establishing these systems and have agreed that sanctions for non compliance will be relaxed in the early part of the season. I have been notified that scoring may be a particular issue as the system does not use a lap top and there is need of WiFi  at a ground for live scoring. Also when a game is scored in a book it requires both sides to be on the system prior to the game to allow score entry following the match. If you have problems please share them with me as I am sure others will have similar issues and hopefully we can smooth them over during the early part of the season.
    • Please note the SLAR and Playing Conditions are finalised and in the document centre of the website. You will note that in the SLAR clubs are still not  required to provide teas but if any club wishes to WDCU is happy for that to happen. Please let me (and your opponents) know if this is the case.
    • Could clubs please note that for the first time in 10 years the umpires match fees have changed and are contained in the table below. These changes standardise the fees across all regions. WDCU acknowledges that the timing of this is far from ideal and that has been fedback to CSMOA from Cricket Scotland and all the regions.
    Overs (total per day/game)
    Current Umpire Match Fee Payment
    Current Per-Over rate
    2022 Proposed Umpire Match Fee Payment
    2022 Proposed Per-Over Rate
    2022 Proposed Single Umpire Fee (150%)
    • Could I also remind all clubs to complete an edit of your Player Reg pages and make all required changes to personal details , photographs etc. If you forward me a list of players who no longer play for you I can deactivate them for you. A small number of clubs (6) have done so already allowing 230 deactivations to take place. Thank you for that.
    • WDCU would like to remind clubs to review their Child Protection Policy and procedures and ensure they are up to date and active. Please note these are a  requirement form Cricket Scotland and should be kept current and available to all your members. Cricket Scotland has an officer responsible for this area should you require any further information or assistance.
    • Please note the WDCU in partnership with CSMOA have recently published three messages relating to Player Behaviour. if you haven’t done so could you please share these with your players /members. As a reminder the golden thread through each of the messages was:
             Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’
             Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU and                       CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.
            Finally can I on behalf of all at the WDCU  wish you all a splendid season of cricket played in the right spirit.
  • WDCU / CSMOA Player Behaviour 3 – The Laws and Law 41 /42 (18th April 2022)

    Please see below the 3rd and final mail sent to all club contacts regarding Player Behaviour in 2022. The message is very clear.  ‘Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’ Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU/CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.

    Good afternoon,
    The final of the three joint communications from WDCU and CSMOA regarding Player Behaviour  concentrates on the MCC Laws of the game and in particular Law 41 and 42.
    Every player should make the effort to have a working knowledge of the Laws and Captains should make the extra effort to have a sound knowledge of the Laws. These are freely available on the internet and in book form.
    Attached with this mail is a series of slides produced by CSMOA  that you should share with your players and make available on your social media platforms.
    The key points are:
    • The world of umpiring changed in 2019 with significant change to the Laws of Cricket.
    • New laws  –  41 Unfair Play and – 42 Player’s Conduct were introduced
    • On field sanctions were introduced leading to penalty runs being deducted and/or player suspensions during the match being handed down for more serious or repeat offences .These are designed to improve players behaviour and WDCU and CSMOA support this.
    Details of the clauses, levels and offences are contained in the slides.
    These changes reinforce that the umpire is firmly in charge of the game and CSMOA has trained and encouraged umpires to consistently apply all the laws. Whilst umpires have had training emphasising the need for good match management, the onus remains on players not to put the umpires in a position where  they have no option but to apply Laws 41 and 42.
    Laws 41 and 42 do not apply in games without appointed umpire(s). However,  WDCU expect to see just as high a standard of conduct in these games and that captains and clubs have a responsibility for ensuring this.
    What does that mean for  Players?
    • Words or actions that were once deemed part of the game can now be a discipline offence. – ‘Sledging in all forms is unacceptable and should be avoided’
    • Just in the way a No-Ball is accepted, the offences contained in Law 41 and 42  need to be accepted.
    • Be prepared for the worst scenario, accept the best.
    So to conclude our three joint communications on player behavior, the message from the WDCU and CSMOA is repeated: ‘Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’
    Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU/CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.
    Regards Iain
    WDCU Administrator.
  • Cricket Scotland – Covid 19 guidance 2022 (18th April 2022)

    Please see below a note that was issued to all clubs by CS on Friday regarding Covid 19 guidance for season 2022.

    Afternoon Clubs,

    Updated guidance has been issued in regard to Covid-19 and is available on the CS.com HERE.

    Essentially, there are no restrictions for club cricket this season, however cricket Scotland recommends that clubs maintain good practise in relation to:

    • Staying safe
    • Respecting others
    • Following Scottish Government advice

    Additionally, the guidance highlights a change in rules regarding saliva on the ball and guidance on cricket teas.

    Wishing you the best for the coming season.



  • WDCU / CSMOA Pre season Communication plan – Player Behaviour – 2. (5th April 2022)

    The second of our series of three joint messages has just been sent to all club contacts. It focuses on The CS Code of Conduct and the WDCU Discipline and Appeals Policy: Here it is in full:

    Dear Club contact,
    The second communication from the WDCU / CSMOA partnership in the pre season plan targeting Player Behaviour is regarding the Cricket Scotland (CS) Code of Conduct and the WDCU Disciplinary and Appeals Policy.
    The CS Code of Conduct was updated for season 2021 and remains unchanged for 2022.
    The CS Code of Conduct outlines behaviours and actions that breach the Spirit of Cricket and therefore, if committed by a Player or Team Official, amount to an offence by such Player or Team Official under the CS Code of Conduct.  Offences of this nature in the west are considered under the WDCU Disciplinary and Appeals Policy.
    All Players and Team Officials are bound by and required to comply with all the provisions of the CS Code of Conduct. By their participation (in the case of a player) or assistance in a player’s participation (in the case of a team official) in any cricket match taking place directly under the auspices of Cricket Scotland or the WDCU such Players and Team Officials shall be deemed to have agreed that it is their personal responsibility to;                    
    • familiarise themselves with the CS Code of Conduct (including what conduct constitutes an offence).
    • familiarise themselves with the WDCU Discipline and Appeals Policy  and to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of any Discipline Panel Committee or Appeal Panel Committee established in terms of said Code Of Disciplinary Procedure to hear and determine any charges brought and any subsequent appeals pursuant to this Code Of Conduct, and
    • not to bring any proceedings in any other court or forum inconsistent therewith.
    In season 2021 28 players faced 42 disciplinary charges of which 38 were upheld resulting in sanctions being handed down. These sanctions varied from a reprimand to an 18 week ban and all attracted demerit points which when a threshold is met result in additional bans. Clubs and players should familiarise themselves with these sanctions.
    The WDCU / CSMOA are keen that these numbers are greatly reduced this year and feel that a greater understanding of the CS Code of Conduct and the WDCU Disciplinary Policy by all players and team officials would help achieve this.
    Copies of the CS Code of Conduct and The WDCU Disciplinary and Appeals Policy are attached for your use. Please ensure they are shared widely within your club to members and players alike and in all your social media channels. Where possible they should all be made visible  in your clubhouse. Please note that a lack of knowledge of these documents will not be an acceptable defence should any charge be faced.
    The message from the WDCU and CSMOA is repeated: ‘Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’
    Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU/CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.
    This is the second of three messages and the final one will cover the laws of the game and in particular Law 41 and 42.
    Kind regards Iain
    WDCU Administrator

    Iain Kennedy

    WDCU Administrator

  • WDCU / CSMOA – Pre-season communication – player behaviour (28th March 2022)

    The WDCU working in partnership with CSMOA will deliver a series of communications to clubs regarding the issue of player behaviour.  Last season over 40 charges were raised against players and the WDCU and CSMOA would are keen that this is not replicated in 2022. Please see the first communication sent out earlier today:

    Dear club contact,
    The WDCU is working in partnership with CSMOA to deliver a pre-season communication plan for season 2022. The purpose of the plan is to raise the issue of player behaviour and to encourage clubs to take ownership of improving it.
    The first in the series is to remind all clubs and in turn players the of the Vision, Aims and values of the WDCU and the ‘Spirit of Cricket message.’
    I have attached the WDCU Vision, Aims and Values poster for you. Please share it with your players and members on your normal communication methods. The website link is below.
    I would particularly like to highlight the following value and urge you to remind your players to be ‘respectful‘ of other players and umpires at all times. At this point I would remind you that ‘Inappropriate and personal sledging of players or umpires will not be tolerated,’ Those found guilty of this will be dealt with to the full extent of the Code of Conduct.
    Respect: We are respectful of each other, and the rights of others, to participate within a supportive and inclusive environment and in the spirit of cricket.

    With regard to the ‘Spirit of Cricket the Preamble of the ICC Conditions, sets out the definition as follows and again I would expect all players to be aware of and adhere to its contents.

    “Preamble – The Spirit of Cricket

    • Cricket owes much of its appeal and enjoyment to the fact that it should be played not only according to the Laws (which are incorporated within these Playing Conditions), but also within the Spirit of Cricket.
    • The major responsibility for ensuring fair play rests with the captains, but extends to all players, umpires and, especially in junior cricket, teachers, coaches and parents.
    • Respect is central to the Spirit of Cricket.
    • Respect your captain, team-mates, opponents and the authority of the umpires.
    • Play hard and play fair.
    • Accept the umpire’s decision.
    • Create a positive atmosphere by your own conduct and encourage others to do likewise.
    • Show self-discipline, even when things go against you.
    • Congratulate the opposition on their successes and enjoy those of your own team.
    • Thank the officials and your opposition at the end of the match, whatever the result.
    • Cricket is an exciting game that encourages leadership, friendship and teamwork, which brings together people from different nationalities, cultures and religions, especially when played within the Spirit of Cricket.”
    The message from the WDCU and CSMOA is play the game competitively and in the right spirit.
    Players who do not so so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players may also face team and whole club sanctions as we strive to tackle this issue.
    There are two more messages to follow regarding the ‘Code of Conduct’ and ‘ the Laws of the game and in particular law 42.
    Please ensure these messages are forwarded to all your players and members.
    Iain Kennedy
    WDCU Administrator