Welcome to the Western District Cricket Union website.  The Union organises and promotes cricket to half the population of Scotland, from Dumfries & Galloway in the south-west, up the west coast, and across the central belt to the Forth Valley.  We co-ordinate with the West District Junior Cricket Union, local authorities and Cricket Scotland to encourage youth development and provide a structured developmental pathway with the aim of allowing the game to flourish and grow at all levels.  From the Premier Division to the Greenwood Trophy, the Union provides competitions for all its member clubs, from 50-over Saturday cricket to competitive T20 competitions.

Latest news and notices

  • CSMOA Stage 1 and Stage 2 Umpires Courses (8th February 2024)

    CSMOA is excited to announce confirmation of our formal Stage 1 & 2 umpire education courses, to be run on Saturday 24th February, and Saturday 2nd March 2024 respectively.

    The CSMOA Stage 1 course is designed to give you an overview of the basic Laws of the game and how to apply them and introduce the principles of fieldcraft and match management. It will give you the tools to enable you to umpire matches in the lower grades of recreational & league club cricket and enable you to progress onto more advanced courses (like CSMOA Stage 2 & Stage 3) as you progress up the pathway.

    The CSMOA Stage 2 course is an extension of the CSMOA Stage 1 training, designed to give you further knowledge and skills sufficient to enable you to progress up to the higher grades of recreational & league club cricket. This course is available to anyone who has attended a Stage 1 course or equivalent (even in the same year). It will complement the previous course(s) by looking beyond the basic Laws, building on fieldcraft and match management techniques, and enhancing the concept of working as an officiating team, with umpiring and scoring colleagues!!

    Both sessions will be a full-day Zoom workshop, with a 9.30 am start and an expected finish around 4.30 pm. Breaks will be included throughout the day.

    An optional, but recommended element to the training offering for anyone looking to umpire officially during the 2024 season is a practical session(s) with the CSMOA Development team, watching and explaining existing umpires onfield during a game – TBA in 2024 pre-season (likely April pre-season fixtures)

    To register, visit https://www.csmoa.org.uk/education-courses.html .

    Note that the registration form has been updated with additional options, if you wish to attend Stage 1 and/or Stage 2, please submit another form.

    Please feel free to share this message widely amongst your clubs and Scottish cricketing contacts.

    Any questions, please contact secretary@csmoa.org.uk

  • Introduction to Umpiring Course (29th January 2024)

    CSMOA are pleased to announce that registrations for our Introduction to Umpiring courses have opened this evening. This year we are holding two sessions (content repeated at each session), the first on Wednesday 7th February 2024, and another on Tuesday 13th February 2024. Both sessions will start at 7 pm on Zoom (link provided a few days before the session to those registered) and will last for approximately 2 hours.

    CSMOA Umpire Education course registration form (google.com)

    This course is designed to give an introductory overview of umpiring. This is ideal for individuals who wish to gain further knowledge into the world of umpiring. A great opportunity for complete beginners. There is no formal assessment and/or accreditation.

    Interested participants may also wish to avail themselves of a suggested pre-learning opportunity, the ICC Umpire Foundation Course – https://www.edapp.com/icc/

    Please share this widely amongst your clubs & cricketing colleagues.

    More information can be found on our website – https://csmoa.org.uk/education-courses.html

    More formal qualifications (Stage 1/2 or equivalents) will be launched in the coming weeks. These formal courses will allow you to officially umpire league fixtures for CSMOA.

    Any questions, please feel free to email secretary@csmoa.org.uk

  • Playing Kit 2024 Season (25th January 2024)
    Following the highly successful trial periods over the last few seasons the CMC have indicated that for season 2024 coloured clothing will be mandatory for all matches played in the WDCU Premiership 1, Premiership 2 and Championship 1. Coloured clothing will also be mandatory for all Rowan Cup and McCulloch Cup matches in season 2024.
    For all other leagues and competitions it is recommended for season 2024 and will become mandatory for season 2025.
    Please note that in WDCU Premiership 3, Championship 2 and Championship 3 and all other competitions teams must wear the same uniform. i.e. Either all white clothing or all coloured clothing, there should be no mixing of white clothing and coloured clothing.
  • Jack Kennedy Ferguslie CC (23rd January 2024)

    It is with belated acknowledgment the WDCU wish to note the passing of Jack Kennedy.

    ‘Wee Jack’ had been a member of Ferguslie Cricket Club for over 80 years – more than half the lifetime of the club!

    Jack’s contribution to the club had been enormous, both on and off the field.

    As well as captaining the Minor XI, Junior XI and Second XI teams, he served in many positions for the club including Secretary, Social Convenor, Ground Convenor, Groundsman, President, Life Member and was until his death Honorary President.

    Crucially, in the early 1970’s, Jack played a vital and influential role on the Ferguslie Sports Association, helping to purchase the ground from J & P Coats and without such help, Meikleriggs could have been a very different place today.

    Jack’s contribution to cricket is highly respected and he went on to become President of the WDCU and in 1995, he was honoured by becoming the President of the Scottish Cricket Union.

    The club recently recognised the enormity of Jack’s lifelong dedication and service to Ferguslie Cricket Club as a player, administrator, Presidential roles and as an avid supporter, by naming the pavilion at Meikleriggs ‘The Jack Kennedy Pavilion’ and they were delighted that Jack and all the Kennedy Family accepted this honour.

    Jack sadly passed away on 13th October 2023 and the WDCU wish to belatedly pass on their condolences to all of Jack’s family. An individual who will be sadly missed on a trip to Meikleriggs.

  • Cricket Scotland Statement – Incident at Greenock CC (14th August 2023)

    Following an incident that took place during Saturday’s game at Greenock, Cricket Scotland have issued the following statement:

    “Cricket Scotland condemns in the strongest possible terms the behaviour that took place at Greenock on Saturday.

    Racism has no place in sport or society. It is a scar on cricket, and Cricket Scotland is wholly committed, along with our partners, to eradicating racist behaviour and attitudes from our game.

    As this incident is now part of a live criminal case, Cricket Scotland is unable to comment further. However, the governing body can confirm it is working in conjunction with the CSMOA, WDCU and Greenock Cricket Club to ensure internal disciplinary proceedings proceed swiftly and appropriately, following due process.

    The Support in Sport service offers free help and guidance to Cricket Scotland staff and players. A dedicated phone number – 07702 565916 – is available for anyone who requires support. For those involved within the club game in Scotland, free webinars and resources are available to access from Opening Up Cricket and SAMH”.

    In addition, the WDCU have issued the following statement: 

    “WDCU are working alongside Cricket Scotland, CSMOA and Greenock CC following this incident. We will not tolerate behaviour of this manner and are deeply shocked this has occurred. Given this is now a Police Scotland matter we will not make any further comment at this time “

  • As The Willow Vanishes – Cricket Tour (21st June 2023)


    The Glasgow Football Tour and The Hampden Collection have teamed up once again to bring a once-in-a-lifetime footballing history experience, as part of our #FITBA150 programme events, celebrating 150 years of Scottish football.

    In 2014, Richard S. Young wrote the cart-upending, spellbinding and myth-busting, ‘As The Willow Vanishes’, explaining how Football and Cricket intertwined at the dawn of the association game and led to the creation of the world’s biggest sport. We are bringing Richard’s book to the streets of Glasgow for you to personally hear his groundbreaking work, whilst strolling around the world’s biggest open-air football museum, or as we call it, ‘Football’s Square Mile’.

    Now we ask you to pick your jaw off the floor, please. Yes, not only did Scotland create the modern passing and running game of football, the stadium template for every football ground ever built, and taught the world how to play it via the trailblazing Scotch Professors, but did you know how cricket is fundamental to this explosion of a sport now played or watched by 3.5 billion people around the world today?

    Here are some questions to get you started –


    • Why was the first international football match held at a cricket ground in Glasgow on St Andrew’s Day?
    • Why were 7 of the 8 clubs who founded the Scottish Football Association principally cricket clubs?
    • How many cricket clubs were in the Greater Glasgow area between 1850 and 1914?


    The answers to these three questions will have you clamouring for more and will change your perceptions about the ignition switch which lit up the footballing world and changed it forever.

    Our walking tour begins on Carlton Place at the South Portland Street Suspension Bridge, and we take you on a three-hour journey of discovery through 600 years of football and cricket history. We explore the rich sporting history of Glasgow’s Southside through the eyes of the greats like Alexander Watson Hutton, Wattie Arnott, Hugh McColl, and Archibald Campbell before finishing our walking tour at Clydesdale Cricket Club in Pollokshields. Here in 1884, Aston Villa came to Titwood to play a FA Cup match against Queen’s Park at what we term ’The Forgotten Hampden’. Confused? Well there is only one way to find out the answer to what happened next.

    Whether a football fan, a cricket fan, or both, or just a lover of social history, you will not want to miss out on this story of the origins of both sports, and how they collided in the 19th century to create the modern game.

    Click HERE to book a slot

  • Spirit of Sportsmanship (16th May 2023)

    There have been a couple of instances this season where clubs have been commended for showing great sportsmanship and concern for players welfare.

    On Saturday a nasty collision between two West of Scotland players immediately drew the attention of the fielding Prestwick players, in particularly Mitchell Rao and Tom Fleet who both put the players welfare before any thought of the action on the field.  Thanks also should go to umpire Billy McPate who drove one of the injured players to hospital.  Colin Mair, President of West of Scotland went to great lengths to thank all involved.

    Earlier in the season a Stenhousemuir player drove an injured opponent to hospital and Stenhousemuir also provided a sub fielder for the duration of the innings to their opponents, Uddingston.

    Fine example of sportsmanship and commitment to player welfare and long may it continue.

  • WDCU Season 2023 – Pre Season Notes (27th April 2023)
    2023 Fixtures
    The finalised 2023 fixtures for all WDCU competitions are now available on the WDCU website and WDCU Live application. These have been adjusted to reflect the unfortunate withdrawal of Poloc CC from cricket in the WDCU. Should any clubs change a date or venue of a fixture then please do let me know so that I can update the Website and WDCU Live.
    Premiership 2 and 3
    With Poloc CC’s withdrawal from Premiership 2 The CMC have agreed that only 1 team will be relegated from Premiership 2 and 2 teams promoted from Premiership 3 (assuming of course all necessary requirements satisfied).
    WDCU Championship 2 and Championship 3
    For season 2023, these leagues will play 40 over matches and not 50 over matches as originally scheduled. This is in keeping with the wishes of the vast majority of the teams in those leagues. The playing conditions will be updated to reflect these changes.  Up to date Playing Conditions for ALL leagues are available on the WDCU website Document Centre.
    WDCU Subscriptions
    Just a reminder that if your club hasn’t yet paid its 2023 subscription to the WDCU could you please do so now. We know who you are and will chase you if its not paid soon.
    DLS Version 5 software
    A jar file of the update DLS5 software is now available and should have been sent to all club secretaries. If you haven’t got it then please get in touch and we will try to get it through to you.
    Midweek League Fielding Restrictions
    Just a reminder that for season 2023 fielding restrictions are included in the 2023 Playing Conditions.
    Rules 8 & 9 state:
    “8. Two semi-circles shall be drawn on the field of play. The fielding semi-circles shall have as their centre the middle stump at either end of the pitch. The radius of each of the semi-circles shall be 27.45 metres (30 yards). The semi-circles shall be linked by two straight lines parallel to the pitch. The fielding circle shall be marked by white dots 4.5 metres (5 yards) apart, covered by circular white plastic or rubber (but not metal) discs 180 millimetres (7 inches) in diameter.
    At the instant of delivery, no more than 2 fielders may be outside the area described above during the first 6 overs or 30% of the scheduled overs in a reduced over innings. Thereafter, no more than 5 fielders may be outside the area described. If this restriction is breached, the striker’s end umpire shall call and signal no-ball.
    9. At the instant of delivery, no more than 5 fielders are permitted on the leg side. If this restriction is breached, the striker’s end umpire shall call and signal ‘No ball’.”
    Clubs Scorers Responsibilities 
    The CMC wish to remind clubs of the expectations clubs have in providing scorers and how the games should be scored.
    Premiership 1: Each club should provide a scorer, home team using CS Live App and away team using book as back up. Cricket Scotland requested that in this Division that at least 1 team should use the app. (Remember if possible to also use a book as back up in case of failure!).
    Premiership 2 and Championship 1: The home club should provide a scorer, the away club may if they do not provide a scorer use players to keep the book. Ideally the home team (where possible) should use the CS Live App (but remember to use a book as back up in case of failure!).
    All Other Divisions: Do not need to supply scorers, books may be kept by players. Using the CS Live App as always would be preferable (but remember to use a book to as back up in case of failure!).
    It is recommended to clubs using the App that both teams should be populating their XIs by Friday to help with setting up the games
    Parking at West of Scotland and Hillhead
    Hillhead and West are concerned that visiting teams to Hamilton Crescent and Hughenden this season may be caught out by the recent hike of parking charges in the west end of the city – 80p per 15 mins mounts up pretty quickly. We therefore ask if you could kindly bring this situation to the notice of all teams which may be playing at our grounds this season on Saturdays in particular. There is no charge on Sundays and the charges finish daily at 6pm.
    As Visitor Parking Permits are in fairly limited supply due to the Council only issuing a few books at a time, priority will necessarily be given to players and umpires.
    WDCU Player/Umpire Guidance 2023
    As we are all aware issues can arise during matches where there are no appointed umpires and matches are umpired by player/umpires. In an ideal world each and every match would have at least one umpire appointed but unfortunately umpiring numbers at present do not allow this to happen.
    WDCU Guidance:
    • Where there are no appointed umpires, clubs are expected to ensure matches are umpired as fairly and respectfully as possible, ensuring the laws, playing conditions and spirit of cricket are recognised and respected at all times.
    • Player/umpires should recognise and be familiar with recent “law” changes, these will be in effect in all cricket played moving forward.
    • Captains are expected to “set the tone” and should ensure they discuss player/umpiring in advance or at the toss to ensure the match can be played in the correct spirit and respect is shown at all times.
    • During matches captain’s should be responsible for the player/umpire undertaking their duty as an umpire, ensuring they are competent to do so.
    • Player/umpires should be 16 years old and/or completed suitable training- their competence should be at the discretion of their captain
    • Player/umpires must not use mobile phones or mobile devices while umpiring under any circumstances ensuring they are giving their full attention to the game, this includes devices for scoring or taking videos or photos
    • Player/umpires must not enter the field of play while eating or drinking with the exception of agreed “drinks” or breaks in play
    • Player/umpires must not smoke on the field of play- this includes the use of e-cigarettes or vapes
    • Any dissent or disciplinary issues on the field of play should be managed in the first instance by the player/umpire in a calm, respectful manner and directed to the relevant captain in the first instance
    We hope that you all enjoy the 2023 season and that games are played in the spirit of cricket. Here’s hoping for another long hot sunny summer.
  • Strathclyde University CC Looking for Fixtures. (25th April 2023)

    Rahul Sharma, President of Strathclyde University CC has been in touch looking for fixtures for his club. Please get in touch with him at rahul.sharma.2022@uni.strath.ac.uk  if you wish to arrange a game.

  • Harper MacLeod review on WDCU published on Cricket Scotland website (7th April 2023)

    The report on WDCU effectiveness of Disciplinary procedures produced by Harper MacLeod LLP is now available for viewing on the Cricket Scotland website.

    The report can be found HERE