2017 Duckworth Lewis Stern

The CMC, following recommendations by Cricket Scotland are advising that for 2017 clubs should use Duckworth Lewis Stern v2.0.  The software should already have been emailed to clubs by Cricket Scotland. If clubs don’t have a copy then it is available on the WDCU website (zip folder) or by emailing the Administrator. Note that this is mandatory for the Premier, First and Second Divisions.

For all other divisions, if a computer is available, then the above should be followed, where a computer is not available, then the CMC have agreed that they can use a suitable app on a phone/tablet etc.  It is recommended that one of the following apps are used:




(Please note that when using an app, Umpires and both Captains must agree what app is to be used). Finally, the current Duckworth Lewis v1 paper tables can be used only in the exceptional circumstances that technology fails. Clubs are reminded that the objective is to achieve a result, and that the spirit of the game must be the first priority when matches are decided using this method. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact the Administrator.