A safe return to local cricket – WDCU statement to clubs, 14 July 2020

Please find below the most recent WDCU statement for clubs on arrangements for a safe return to local cricket:

“The WDCU were pleased to take part in discussions last week with many member clubs about ensuring all clubs get as much as they can out of the truncated season once the guidance allows match play to start.  We were especially buoyed by the collaborative and inclusive approach of the clubs and their understanding that all Government, Cricket Scotland and WDCU guidance must be adhered to and their appreciation that all clubs in the region will have different and varying needs and requirements.

“The clubs demonstrated a willingness to work within a framework of ‘local areas’ to organise their friendly fixtures and are free to organise fixtures as they so wish, within the aforementioned guidelines.  The WDCU would like to reiterate that, as friendly fixtures, clubs are encouraged to communicate with each other and organise the cricket that suits them best.  The WDCU is on hand to assist any club that needs help with either fixtures or ground availability issues.  All queries should, in the first instance, go to the administrator, Iain Kennedy –  admin@wdcu.co.uk.

“During the discussions, some clubs asked about the possibility of purchasing balls the WDCU has in stock.  There are currently stocks of both red and pink ‘Lords’ and ‘Oxbridge’ balls (some in limited number) which may be purchased.  Should your club need to purchase balls, please get in touch with the administrator as soon as possible so we can organise collection of the balls in a way that reduces the amount of travelling as much as possible.  It may be that one club in an ‘area’ can pick up balls for several clubs, for example.  In order to reduce travelling, we would encourage clubs to utilise the stocks of balls they have ‘at hand’ before purchasing more and remind them that, due to all fixtures being friendly, there is no regulation on make of ball used.”