Club Communication 4-05-2022

Please see below a communication sent to all clubs this afternoon:
Apologies to all I am struggling with a nasty bout of Covid so if you don’t get me you know why!!
Firstly thanks to everyone for getting through week one of WDCU Live. I know lots of games were off but a good few of you managed to either live score or upload your score card later in the day.  We did experience a few problems but I would ask you to continue to do your best. You should all have registered and attained log ins and if you are having difficulty with that contact George Burns at CS. Hopefully the weather will be kinder this weekend and we can get a full quota of games to try the system out. If you encounter a problem ( and find a solution) please let me know so I can share it with everyone. Please note Cricket Stats is not functioning in the West this season.
Would all clubs please note that the ‘Captains Report’ on all CSMOA appointed umpires should be made on Whos the umpire following the game . In games where there are no appointed umpires if there are any concerns regarding the player umpiring please contact me directly with details at
There has been a slight error in the Saturday Division 4 fixtures upload to WDCU Live in that the start time for games should show as 12 noon. (That is a change from last year). These will be changed soon but in the meantime could all Div 4 teams please contact your opponents and make sure you agree your starting time. 12 noon preferable bu 1pm if you both agree
From Poloc CC a notice for all travelling to Shawholm:
Just an update following the reopening of the Burrell Collection early this year for those heading to Shawholm. There is no right turn into Pollok Country Park on Pollokshaws Road for those coming from the city centre. All vehicles are diverted around the roundabout and back along Pollokshaws Road.  Car parks within the estate are now charging but the Poloc car park is still free for members and visitors but there should be no parking on verges around the car park or at the back of the clubhouse.
Exit is now slightly different with all vehicles turning left out of the car park and then a right turn between the clubhouse and the Police dogs which takes cars out onto Haggs Road.
 ‘To conclude and with no apology- The message from the WDCU and CSMOA is repeated: ‘Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’
Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU/CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.
Kind regards Iain

Iain Kennedy