Club update – 5

Given that there was very little cricket played last weekend here is a reminder of last weeks main update. Please remember that all short summaries, full scorecards, captains reports for all Saturday games and fairplay reports now need to be completed accurately and on time. Failure to do so will mean that sanctions will be applied. This is the last reminder….

I have posted a first quarter update of the fair play scores in the link below. Please remember that these are scores that your club has given to and received from other clubs on Saturday league games. There hasn’t been too many games and some scores have not been entered so this is only a first indication. I will update it at the end of June as it will have taken better shape by then.

One thing I would like to remind everyone of is the requirement to provide opposition teams with an accurate printed team sheet on game days. This has not been fully achieved to date so clubs are reminded  of this requirement. All photographs should be clear so there is no ambiguity regarding any player. If you have any player photographs that are not clear they should be updated on Player reg. Finally on this point clubs are asked to make sure that the names in scorebooks match those on your Team sheet. This is important for the integrity of the league.
Last reminder for this week. Please remember if your club is  involved in player transfers as it is in season you are now required to complete and submit form TR1. Transfers requested only on Player reg will not be granted without this form having been completed beforehand.

I hope the rain goes off!!

Iain Kennedy WDCU Administrator.

WDCU Fair play Updates