Western District Cricket Union officials, 2021/22


Executive Committee

Chair: Mark Colman;
Vice-Chair: Peter Hempsey;
Secretary: Tim Hart;
Honorary Treasurer: Keith Young; and

Executive Committee members: Jim Hill, Parvase Majeed, and Colin Mitchell.

WDCU Administrator

Iain Kennedy


Cricket Management Committee

Chair: Peter Hempsey;
Vice-Chair: Jim Hill;

Cricket Management Committee members: Stephen Allison, Andrew Baird, Jon Barnes, Louise Cumbley, and Stuart O’Connell.


District Selection Committee

Convenor: Sai Majeed


Sponsorship Committee

Convenor: Keith Young


Disciplinary & Appeals Committee

Chair: Keith Young;

Committee members: Mark Colman, Richard Andrew ^,  Peter Hempsey, and Jim Young ^.

Panel Register members (in addition to Disciplinary & Appeals Committee members):

1.   Andrew Baird
2.   Ricky Bawa
3.   Rodger Cairns ^
4.   Bryan Clarke
5.   Neil Dowers ^
6.   Alan Hill
7.   Dougie Johnstone
8.   Asim Khan ^
9.   Sai Majeed
10. Colin Mitchell
11. Ramzan Mohammed
12. Sam Rabinowitz ^

^ denotes legally qualified