Cricket Scotland – Female Cricket Pathways 2018 and beyond..

Please see below a link to the new female cricket pathways document which shows current programmes for females at participation and performance level.

To ensure growth it is vital to provide several entry points into female cricket, covering all ages, and you will see these in the document’s left column under FIRST EXPERIENCE.

Next to this is the “traditional” club pathway, incorporating competitions like the Women’s Premier League, “Beyond Boundaries” Women’s Scottish Cup and “The Wee Bash”.  Cricket Scotland will be promoting a new concept in 2019 – the “Female Cricket Hub”, watch this space!

The regional programme consists of two women’s teams: the Eagles representing the east and the Stormers representing Caledonia and the west. Below that sit four regional Under 16 teams aligned with the male pathway Eastern Knights, Western Warriors and Caledonian Highlanders North, and South.

The National pathway is self-explanatory with an ever expanding programme for all teams involved.

Cricket Scotland is committed to increasing female participation in clubs and schools and taking our representative teams to new heights. The document  provides clarity for anyone involved or interested in female cricket in Scotland how it will be achieved.

The Cricket Scotland female participation team consisting of Rosy Ryan (west), Madison Garland (east) and Nic Wilson are here to help and happy to answer any questions that might arise . The west local development officer or regional manager will also be able to help.

Female cricket pathways, 2018