Orders now being taken for season 2017 balls

The WDCU are ready to take clubs’ order for balls for season 2017.  Please note the requirements for each of the competitions:

  • Premier and First Division league matches, and Western Union Cup matches, use the red Tiflex “Oxbridge Windsor” ball.
  • Rowan Cup and McCulloch Cup evening matches use the pink Tiflex “Oxbridge Windsor” ball.
  • All other WDCU league or cup matches will use the Lords pink (evening matches) or red (Saturday and Sunday matches) ball.


  • Only the permitted balls may be used in a WDCU competition.
  • Umpires and captains will be asked to check that the ball being used is permitted and failure to use the permitted ball will lead to penalties including possible forfeiture of the match.
  • Use of new balls will be mandatory in all competitions except in competitions as noted below, in which either a new Lords pink/red ball or previously used Lords pink/red ball of an acceptable condition will be permitted: (Greenwood Trophy, Evening League and Sunday League, Western Cup).
  • Outside of the competitions where the higher-cost balls are mandatory, clubs will always have the option to use the higher-cost balls if they so wish.

“Oxbridge Windsor” balls (red or pink): £18 each; and

Lords “Regal County Crown” balls (red or pink): £15 each.

All balls must be ordered in multiples of six per type.  Could clubs please advise their requirements as soon as possible to both the Honorary Treasurer Keith Young and Iain Murdoch, WDCU Administrator, by 28th February 2017 at the latest in order that balls can be available at the pre-season EGM.  Please remember to include a club name when ordering.

Cheques should be made out to: “Western District Cricket Union”, or electronic payment sent to:

Account name: Western District Cricket Union

Bank: Bank of Scotland

Branch: East Kilbride

Sort Code: 80-06-64

Account number: 00899459

Please note that a cheque/electronic transfer for the appropriate amount must be sent to Keith Young before balls are collected.