Scottish Cricket exhibition – Hampden Museum items wanted

Cricket Scotland are organising the above exhibition which will run from 1 November to 31 March next year in the Hampden Football Museum. The intention is to highlight the heritage of Scottish Cricket and its contribution as a national sport within Scottish society. It’s a great opportunity to show off our history and also engage with new audiences.

Cricket Scotland are looking to borrow any items which would be of interest within the exhibition, old bats, shirts, documents, photographs or paintings and cups. Basically anything that would be of interest.

Could you please give some thought to what your club might have available and who might have the items. Also is there anyone that springs to mind in your club that you think might be useful to speak to.  Please direct any responses to Colin Neill at or 07703-387110.

Also, Sports Heritage Scotland and Cricket Memories Scotland have been given funding to digitise sporting images and especially cricket images to use on our reminisces programme. They would like to invite any clubs in the WDCU to provide images for scanning.  They would use those images in meetings, on the Facebook page and on the website to help those people that they support to remember games, people and occasions. The clubs in return would get back their originals and also copies of the digitised images.  There is no cost to the clubs to this exercise other than delivering the images to the Sports Heritage office at Hampden Park Glasgow. The images should not been in frames and ideally be accompanied with detail of who or what is in the picture. We are specifically looking for images pre-1990.  I would encourage all clubs to help out in this exhibition and in the opportunity to digitise the memories!