WDCJU B Leagues (1999 to 2015)

Equally as competitive, but with not quite the same history, the B leagues grew in popularity over the years they were in existence (1999 to 2015) with a growing number of clubs entering since the leagues were started at the turn of the last Century. With their flexibility in terms of scheduling, the B leagues offered many competing clubs additional opportunities to facilitate competitive hardball cricket for their juniors.

West District Junior Cricket Union Roll of Honour B Leagues
Year U15/16 B League U13 B League
1999 Prestwick Prestwick, Clydesdale *
2000 Prestwick Inverclyde, GHK *
2001 East Kilbride Inverclyde, West of Scotland *
2002 Prestwick Inverclyde, Glasgow Accies *
2003 Clydesdale, Inverclyde, Kilmarnock * Renfrew, Clydesdale *
2004 Renfrew, Clydesdale, Rouken Glen * Kelburne, Glasgow Accies, West of Scotland *
2005 Inverclyde East Kilbride, Clydesdale *
2006 Inverclyde East Kilbride
2007 Poloc Clydesdale
2008 Poloc Ferguslie, Clydesdale *
2009 Ayr Poloc
2010 East Kilbride Clydesdale
2011 GHK Ayr, Uddingston *
2012 Stenhousemuir Ayr, Hillhead *
2013 Hillhead Poloc, West of Scotland *
2014 Clydesdale Clydesdale, Stenhousemuir *
2015 Hillhead Prestwick
* Indicates shared Trophy