WDCU, Club communication, 27 January 2021

Please see the most recent communication from WDCU sent to clubs earlier this week.

Following recent communications regarding planning for this season I would like to update you on a few things.  I am still waiting on a small number of responses to my request for clubs initial estimates for team participation for this season. A number of the outstanding clubs have informed me that it will be with me shortly which is good. To those yet to contact me at all (six clubs) could you please provide a reply even if it is that you are really unsure at this time.

It would also be helpful if clubs could inform me if there are likely to be any dates where your ground will be unavailable during the season and including the first two weeks in September as this may be a period where games are scheduled. If you could let me know on both counts by Friday the 6th February that would be great.

Also if you would like a sponsors name attached to your teams for this year please let me know if you haven’t already done so. These can be added in up until the middle of March.

Could I also inform you that both the WDCU Executive and CMC are meeting regularly to undertake the complex planning for the forthcoming season. WDCU is also represented at planning meetings being hosted by Cricket Scotland dealing with similar issues from a national perspective. As all these discussions are at an early stage and there are significant uncertainties regarding Covid 19 restrictions no fixtures lists will be published in the immediate future.

I will provide clubs with an update in mid February following the next round of meetings and at the end of each month. Should any significant information become available I will share that as I get it.

Iain Kennedy
WDCU Administrator