WDCU Club Update 3 – 25-02- 2022.

Please see below the most recent club update sent out to club contacts earlier today.

There have been a number recent communications from clubs regarding ground availability and competition entries that have delayed the preparation of the Saturday League fixtures. These have been resolved to the best of our ability. The fixtures are being checked this weekend and will be published early next week. All other WDCU competition fixtures have been on the website for some time now.
The Saturday League Administration  Rules and all Competition Playing Conditions are also being updated and will be circulated shortly.
A guidance note for Premier League teams participating in the  coloured clothing and ball trial for season 2022 is being drawn up and will be again will be circulated shortly.
Once again thank you to those who have sent me updated club contact details for 2022 and the most up to date list I have is on the WDCU website in the documents section. Please send all changes to me as promptly as you can. I  also update the Saturday League and Sunday Friendly contact details on the website as I get them.
Please note that notice has been sent to all clubs regarding payment of this years subscription and I would ask you to attend to this as promptly as possible and no later than 31st March 2022.
You have also received the cricket ball order form for the season and clubs wanting to take advantage of this should complete and return the form to me as soon as possible.
The independent review into racism in cricket in Scotland is gaining momentum and I would encourage all clubs to invite their members to participate in the review. Please pass on the following contact details to any of your players/ members to get in touch with the review team:
Finally the WDCU and CSMOA are working together on a pre season communication plan for clubs and players regarding player behaviour. We are keen that clubs and players take greater responsibility for their behavior and actions on and off the field. More to come over the following weeks….
Iain Kennedy WDCU administrator