WDCU Player/Umpire Guidance 2023

Please see below an update from the WDCU regarding player umpiring. This was sent to all club contacts today
As we are all aware issues can arise during matches where there are no appointed umpires and matches are umpired by player/umpires. In an ideal world each and every match would have at least one umpire appointed but unfortunately umpiring numbers at present do not allow this to happen. CSMOA are continuing to work hard to encourage new umpires and anyone keen on taking up umpiring should reach out- there are more courses running via CSMOA than ever and there are real opportunities for individuals to continue their involvement in the game post playing within umpiring. Details of courses available via CSMOA are here. https://www.csmoa.org.uk/education-courses.html, courses are soon 16th & 21st February… The new laws, added last year will be covered in these courses.
WDCU Guidance:
  • Where there are no appointed umpires, clubs are expected to ensure matches are umpired as fairly and respectfully as possible, ensuring the laws, playing conditions and spirit of cricket are recognised and respected at all times.
  • Player/umpires should recognise and be familiar with recent “law” changes, these will be in effect in all cricket played moving forward.
  • Captains are expected to “set the tone” and should ensure they discuss player/umpiring in advance or at the toss to ensure the match can be played in the correct spirit and respect is shown at all times.
  • During matches captain’s should be responsible for the player/umpire undertaking their duty as an umpire, ensuring they are competent to do so.
  • Player/umpires should be 16 years old and/or completed suitable training- their competence should be at the discretion of their captain
  • Player/umpires must not use mobile phones or mobile devices while umpiring under any circumstances ensuring they are giving their full attention to the game, this includes devices for scoring or taking videos or photos
  • Player/umpires must not enter the field of play while eating or drinking with the exception of agreed “drinks” or breaks in play
  • Player/umpires must not smoke on the field of play- this includes the use of e-cigarettes or vapes
  • Any dissent or disciplinary issues on the field of play should be managed in the first instance by the player/umpire in a calm, respectful manner and directed to the relevant captain in the first instance