Clydesdale wins funding for green initiatives

The Titwood Sports Ground Trust, the charitable-status owner of the land and the buildings used and operated by Clydesdale Cricket and Hockey Clubs, is grateful for its award of funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF). The Trust’s Low Carbon Club Project will yield a transformative reduction in the carbon footprint of this Community Amateur Sports Hub on the southside of Glasgow. The CCF grant of £89,284 includes maximum funding of £24,998 from the European Regional Development Fund.

The funds will enable the Club, which leases the venue from the Trust, to make a number of environmental improvements to its operations by:

  • replacing the hockey pitch floodlights with new energy-efficient LED lights, thereby achieving electricity savings of 25kW/hour;
  • increasing energy efficiency in the clubhouse to reduce the CO2 emissions by over 8 tonnes per year;
  • highlighting public transport opportunities to our members, to reduce private car journeys to the clubhouse;
  • installing sheltered cycle racks to encourage cycling to the club, and increase cycling activity at the club;
  • installing PIR switches and LED fittings within the clubhouse to reduce lighting waste;
  • tackling extensive heat loss in the main clubhouse area by replacing the 113-year-old roof with an insulating roof and loft installation;
  • separating and reducing waste through a range of recycling initiatives;
  • replacing single-glazed windows with double glazing on the north-facing community room;
  • introducing an energy advisory programme to take the message of energy efficiency and reduction to the local community;
  • working with local schools on evidence-based research for projects into energy efficiency; and
  • highlighting our project to all playing and non-playing members in our community.

Following a scientifically-approved monitoring and evaluation programme architect Frank Hirst, who chairs the Titwood Sports Ground Trust, and is one of the main professional advisers to the club on such projects, says: “The Titwood Sports Ground Trust aims to make Clydesdale the greenest sports hub in Scotland.  This climate challenge programme will enable our clubhouse and playing area to become significantly more energy efficient, while our energy advisers and transport specialists will help our members, their families and the local community to improve their own home energy efficiency and live greener lifestyles.”

Club president Bill McCracken, who is managing director of the club’s shirt sponsors Prosperity Financial Solutions, adds: “Our sportsmen and women are already high achievers, and our administration of the club’s operations has become more professional over the past couple of years. This Low Carbon Club Project is yet more evidence of this approach.  We are indebted to both Frank Hirst and Steve Taylor, our project manager, for their hard work in securing the support of the Climate Challenge Fund.”