A safe return to local cricket – WDCU update to clubs, 16 July 2020

Please see below the most recent Covid-19 club update from the WDCU:

“Although we have now seen a return to cricket training, albeit with some significant restrictions, we thought it helpful, after the latest meeting of regional associations and Cricket Scotland on Wednesday, to remind clubs and players that no date has yet been confirmed for any return to senior match cricket, which is part of Phase 4 of the ‘route map’.  You may have seen the Cricket Scotland statement this morning, and we would reiterate that timescales and restrictions relating to this are essentially driven by the Scottish Government, not Cricket Scotland or the WDCU, and the next review date for this is the 30th July.  Previous relaxations have typically seen a delay of 7-10 days between announcement and implementation. It is also possible that any return to matches may initially be on an intra club basis (i.e, within a single club). This would clearly point to the 1st August being unlikely to be realistic if it is the case.

“The WDCU would also reiterate that any resumption of matches between different clubs (inter-club matches) would be along the lines of local friendlies only as it appears that travel has been identified as a major risk area by the authorities.”