Club communication 11-05-2022

Please see communication sent to all club contacts today.
It may not seem like it but we are making progress in the introduction of the new WDCU Live Digital Platform. In my covid isolation as I was able to look in on lots of live streamed games and follow Live scorecards. so well done to those who have achieved that.
The biggest issue remains the uploading of the scorecards on to the system and this needs some attention. Please look at the league tables and the scorecards and check for accuracy and completeness. There are still a number of issues that need resolved. Points to emphasize at this time:
  • Make sure the game is downloaded on the system before it starts
  • Make sure your team is entered on the system before the match takes place.
  • When submitting your scorecard you do not need to  add in ‘winning points’ the system does that for you
  • You do have to enter the losing bonus points or is in the case of Division 4 the draw points
  • At the end of the game the away team has to accept the scorecard for it to go live.
  • Make sure all players are registered on WDCU Live. George Burns kindly uploaded all players from Player Reg and Cricket Stats on 19th February. You need to add in any players  registered following that date.
A big thanks to George Burns who is doing a great job guiding us and dealing with our issues and if we are all patient and stick at it we will get it working well.
Could I remind all clubs to complete the Captains Report where you have CSMOA appointed umpires. This can be completed on Whos the Umpire. Please ask your captain to register if he hasn’t already done so and if he goes into the support hub it will point him to the report form. Its important that umpires get regular and accurate feedback so that all training and support needs can be met.
In games where there are player umpires no formal  reporting system is in place this year but I would encourage all teams who have an issue with the standard of player umpiring or any fair play issue to send me the details by email. This way I will be able to monitor any trends for clubs failing to achieve the required standard.
Please also remember that all in season transfers can only be approved by WDCU if they are supported by a fully completed TR1 Form. No transfer request will be accepted without this form. I have attached it for your use.
I am disappointed to report that last weekends games resulted in the first two disciplinary reports. Two captains also received low scores in the Umpires Fair play report for ‘ respect of umpires,’ and two umpires  reported unruly behaviour from supporters at pitch side.
As you know the message from WDCU has consistently been about  playing in the spirit of the game and with respect to all. WDCU will deal with all who players, spectators and clubs who fail  to meet the required standard. You have been warned!!
Finally just a warning about those of you who play games covered Frog box – It picks up all bad language and inappropriate sledging and behaviour really well!!!!
Regards Iain