Club Communication 6-05-2022

Please see the most recent communication sent to all club contacts:

It looks like we are going to get lots of cricket so everyone can engage with WDCU Live and hopefully we can have a lot of live scores and other cards uploaded after the games too. Please alert me to any issues and we can hopefully sort and share them.
Could teams in Div 3 and 4 note that the start time for games is scheduled at 12 noon. This has changed from last season and is now accurate in WDCU Live. Clubs have the option to start at 1pm and a few teams have notified me of some games that will start then. Please contact your opponents if there is any doubt regarding start times.
I believe their are a small number of clubs providing teas. If you are providing teas could you please make sure that the opposition and any appointed CSMOA Umpires are informed.
Clubs are reminded that as the season has now started all ‘in season transfers’ need to be requested by completing  form TR1. I have attached this for your information. Please note that transfers need to be completed in both Player Reg and WDCU Live.
Three of the four Cup finals have now been arranged for this season. With the McCulloch Cup being successfully held on a Sunday last year, this  years finals will all be on Sundays:
Rowan Cup – Sunday 10th July – 1pm – at Meikleriggs
Western Cup – Sunday 31st July – 1pm- at Henry Thow Oval
Greenwood Cup – Sunday 7th August -1pm –  at Albert Park
McCulloch Cup TBC
Finally and again with no apology a reminder on player behaviour:
The message from the WDCU and CSMOA is repeated: ‘Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’
Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU/CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.
Iain Kennedy