Club information update – in-season transfers and new player registrations, 2 August 2021

Please see a note sent to all club contacts this afternoon.

Would all clubs please note that the deadline for transfers and new registrations of 31st July 2021 has now passed and, as such, no further transfers or new registrations will be permitted until the end of the season unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The CMC is very concerned with the number of in-season transfer requests made this year, especially from players who have already played competitive fixtures in WDCU competitions.  It has taken up a huge amount of the Administrator’s time and effort as well as the CMC’s which, especially this season, would have been better used elsewhere.  Clubs and players should note that transfer regulations will be enforced much more rigorously again next season, and any player that has played a competitive fixture for another club in the WDCU, or elsewhere in the same season, will be unlikely to be permitted an in season transfer in 2022 without a compelling reason.

Duncan Paterson
Cricket Management Committee Chair