Club information update, and Fair Play league tables

Hi everyone, Please see most recent club information update including the fair Play league tables at the mid point of the Saturday league season. Click on the attachment below to see how your club is fairing.

Good afternoon,

A few bits and pieces for you.

Firstly could I remind everyone to input their summary and full scorecards in as per the agreed timescales. Please remember to input all competition results so that our website stays current!!

Please also keep letting me know should any fixtures be rearranged.

It is also important that where required the captains report on the umpires performance is submitted too.  I summarise these reports and forward to CSMOA who use the information to inform  appointments and arrange feedback to the umpires.

In games where there are player:umpires this report should also be completed so I can monitor the standard of each teams player umpiring and if necessary consider issuing sanctions to those not up to standard.

As we are at the half way point of the season I have issued the “Fair Play” league tables to date.  I am pleased that there are very many 5s awarded (the highest score) and to date only five 1s.  Check out where your teams lie in the tables, and if you are not pleased with what you see please take some action to bring about improvements.  Please remember the scores given are from your opponents, not the umpires or WDCU.

WDCU fair play scores

WDCU have had a number of COVID-19 related issues reported to it, and I would encourage you to keep letting me know should you have any positive cases or players having to self isolate.

Good luck for the second half of the season.

Kind regards.

Iain Kennedy
WDCU Administrator