Club Information Update: Covid 19 – Glasgow remains in Level 3

Please see a note sent to all clubs from CMC Chair Duncan Paterson this morning

To all clubs:-
Following the Scottish Government’s announcement on Friday afternoon stating that Glasgow City local authority area will remain in Level 3 of Covid restrictions, travel between other local authority areas and Glasgow City, and vice versa, to take part in cricket activity remains prohibited. As such, the WDCU CMC has decided the following:
  • All midweek competitive matches scheduled for week commencing Monday 24th May will, again, be postponed. The CMC will continue to consider if these fixtures can be rescheduled and/or if the competitions can be amended to ensure completion.
  • The Saturday League programme for Saturday 29th May is declared null and void – even if the two clubs involved are outside of the Glasgow City local authority area. As per the amended 2021 Saturday League Administration Regulations, this will be declared a second ‘Covid Round’ and these fixtures will not be rescheduled.
  • As per last week, any fixture which involves two clubs outside of the Glasgow City area can still be played as scheduled but it will not count towards the league placings. There will be no result reported and umpire appointments may also be affected. Clubs involved in fixtures where no team from Glasgow City is participating who wish to go ahead with their fixture should liaise with the opposition club this week to confirm.
  • Also as per last week, all fixtures involving a team from outside Glasgow City playing a club from Glasgow City must not go ahead, even on a friendly basis. In addition, clubs are reminded again that any players who live in Glasgow City and play elsewhere or vice versa must not take part in any cricket activity this week that involves them travelling in or out of Glasgow City local authority area.
  • Clubs in Glasgow City may arrange friendlies between themselves on the same basis as pre-season but players must not travel from outside of Glasgow City local authority area to take part.
  • Should Glasgow City be moved down to Level 2 from week commencing 31st May, and no other area(s) are moved to Level 3, the league programme will resume as scheduled on Saturday 5th June.
  • Should Glasgow City remain in Level 3 beyond 31st May, or any other area be placed into Level 3, the CMC will issue further guidance at that time. However, it should be noted by clubs that, due to the ongoing uncertainty and delay to the competitive season, the CMC is now actively considering options to ensure that as many clubs as possible can engage in meaningful matches, should this disruption continue.
If any club has any questions regarding the above or anything else relating to the 2021 season, please get in touch.