Club Update – 8 – Mid-season fair play review.

With the season at the mid-way point I have now attached an updated fair play review table. I am delighted that the scores given by teams on their opponent’s behaviour and playing in the spirit of the game are in the main very good. There are a very large number of 5’s (top marks) given which is excellent.

Top of the shop for all the leagues with the highest average score of 4.86 from seven games is Meikleriggs. At the other end of the leagues with the lowest average score of 2.63 is Victoria.

Please see the link to the table below for more details.  You will see in the table only 4.2 % (15/367) of the scores fall in the lowest score zone, and 44.1% (162/367) score top marks of 5. Hopefully the second half of the season will move both these percentages in the right direction!

WDCU Fair play Updates – up to week 9