Club update – week 4

This weekend stages the final league games for the merry month of May. As it stands the following teams remain unbeaten on a Saturday:

Tunnock’s Uddingston, Prestwick, PSL Team Sports Clydesdale , McCrea FS West of Scotland, Ayr, Irvine, Croma Vigilant Dumfries, East Renfrewshire, GHK, Motherwell, Cavaliers, GHK Strathclyde, Kirkstyle and Titwood. Who will remain unbeaten for the month?

Also in April and May there has only been one player disciplinary report from Saturday league games – keep it up as that is the way it should be!!

It should also be remembered that as of this weekend penalty points will be deducted for those clubs and teams that do not complete the following accurately and in time.

  • The short and long scorecards
  • The captain’s report (make sure all non-umpired games are marked too.  You are required to assess your opponent’s collective team umpiring!!)
  • The fair play score.

Next week’s club update will focus on the fair play scores. We will find out how your team’s behaviour and playing in the spirit of the game has been marked by your opponents in this season so far….I wonder who will be at the top and bottom of the pile!

Iain Kennedy, Administrator