COVID-19 – Cricket Scotland club survey – reminder to clubs

Dear Club Secretary,

Please find a note from Gus Mackay regarding the completion of an important survey. Please do take the time to complete on behalf of your club. The more information that we have the stronger our lobbying power will be.

Introduction from Gus Mackay, CEO, Cricket Scotland

The purpose of this survey to all clubs in Scotland is to establish the financial impact COVID-19 will have on Cricket Clubs across Scotland. It is important that as the National Governing Body we understand the financial impact for us to consider and ensure the survival of our Clubs and the game.

Our financial resources are limited compared to other sports and are unable to fund financial shortfalls to Clubs as a result of the COVID-19. However, by gathering the information it will give us information to be able to lobby organisations to try and mitigate the financial risks to clubs and potentially provide some form of financial support during this difficult time.

We are therefore grateful for you taking the time to complete this short survey by 31st March 2020. To complete the survey please click the following link:

Club survey