COVID-19 – WDCU guidance on cricket match activity, 3 July 2020

Please see below an email sent to all clubs today regarding cricket match activity.  As there has been some correspondence/information received regarding cricket match activity please see the most up-to-date guidance from the WDCU:

The target date for resumption of games remains 1st August 2020.  This has not been confirmed yet by Cricket Scotland and remains open to change.

When the resumption of cricket matches is permitted, the WDCU does not propose to deliver any competitions, however are happy to facilitate matches by providing an up to date contacts lists for clubs to arrange games themselves.  The WDCU believe that locally, possibly hub-based, T20 matches are the best option due to continuing travel constraints and the lack of changing and catering facilities.

Should they require them, clubs will be responsible for arranging umpires and paying match fees and travel expenses.  The WDCU suggest that local umpires should be used where possible.

As any matches will not be run under formal WDCU auspices and therefore there are no PlayerReg requirements.

Clubs should be aware that it is their responsibility to conduct a risk assessment and to ensure that all relevant COVID-19 guidelines are adhered to should they organise any matches.”

Covid-19 return to cricket

Further guidance will be issued as and when any new information becomes available.