End of season club forum: Shawholm, Sunday, 17 September, 2pm to 4pm

Please find attached the items raised for the club forum to be held at Shawholm on Sunday 17 September from 2pm to 4pm.

A reminder that this is not a decision making meeting but is a vehicle for comment, discussion and feedback by clubs.

Thanks to those clubs that have provided the items below.

1. Format of WDCU Saturday League. (West of Scotland, Kilmarnock and Hillhead)
1.5 Sunday League cricket (Greenock)
2. Merits of the Western Union Cup in the calendar and its existing format. (Clydesdale)
3. Free hit for a no ball in Premier/First Division league cricket. (Clydesdale)
4. 2nd XI games be 40 overs rather than 50, with the proviso that should both teams wish to play 50 over games then this is permitted. (Irvine)
5. The rule regarding the number of games forfeited by 2nd XIs which results in automatic relegation for 1st XI be either abolished or the number of forfeited games be increased. (Irvine)
6.  No need for scorer at games but players allowed to score book when batting. (Irvine)
7.  Moving T20 cricket to weekends. (West of Scotland)
8.  Look to move to digital scoring. (West of Scotland)
9.  Use of coloured clothing in Premier Division. (West of Scotland)
10. Wide interpretation by umpires. (West of Scotland)
11. Umpire involvement in call-offs. (West of Scotland)
12. Reserve days for called off games (example of Irish cricket model). (West of Scotland)
13. Potential to reinstate national league (West of Scotland)
14. Scottish qualified player limit. (West of Scotland)