Reminder: Complying with WDCU Rules & Playing Conditions

Analysis of the first two weeks of Umpires Reports highlights there are areas of the League Administration Rules and Playing Conditions that the WDCU CMC feel clubs need to reminded of:

  • League Administration Rule Appendix  The pitch shall be swept and remarked (and rolled if requested) during the interval between innings.  There have been too many instances already of home clubs failing to action this requirement.
  • Saturday league Playing Conditions: Appendix 7 (at the end of the 1st Innings) The D/L operator will enter this information into the software, produce 4 copies of the over-by-over printout and distribute one copy each to the Home Captain, the Visiting Captain, the Scorers and the Umpires.  Again there are far too many Umpires reporting back the failure to do this. The CMC would recommend ALL clubs familiarising themselves with Appendix 7 and their obligations within that Appendix.
  • League Administration Rule 14.e  This fee should be paid to the Umpires at the tea interval, if not before.  Can all clubs please ensure that they follow this rule as it is not happening in all cases.

Please note that these are not all of the areas where clubs are failing to comply, just some of the more common ones. The WDCU CMC also note that clubs should familiarise themselves with all rules & conditions of the respective competitions and that they are obliged to comply with these rules in ALL aspects applicable to that club. Failure to address or achieve these conditions may result in sanctions being applied.

The League Administration Rules and the Playing Conditions are available on the WDCU website in the Document Centre (