WDCU Club Communication 22-04 – 2022 – High Priority

Please see club communication sent on 22-04


A lengthy update today as there is lots to share.
  • IMPORTANT: Could all clubs please note that for season 2022, with the agreement and support of CSMOA, and Cricket Scotland, the WDCU  has decided to adopt now the MCC’s changes to Law 41.3 which will officially become part of the Laws of Cricket in October, regarding the prohibition of saliva use on the match ball. CSMOA officials will be adopting this across all domestic competitions they officiate in Scotland.
    The change to this new Law, preserves the playing conditions widely adopted during the Covid period that prohibited the use of saliva to change the ball’s condition. Instead of saliva, players can continue to use sweat to polish the ball.

    In games with no appointed umpires, the WDCU expects that clubs and team captains will ensure enforcement of this during matches and inform WDCU of any issues.
  • You are aware that the new CS Live and WDCU Live systems are now operational and training has  been delivered to Regional Association officers and club scorers and officials.  WDCU anticipate that there will be some difficulties establishing these systems and have agreed that sanctions for non compliance will be relaxed in the early part of the season. I have been notified that scoring may be a particular issue as the system does not use a lap top and there is need of WiFi  at a ground for live scoring. Also when a game is scored in a book it requires both sides to be on the system prior to the game to allow score entry following the match. If you have problems please share them with me as I am sure others will have similar issues and hopefully we can smooth them over during the early part of the season.
  • Please note the SLAR and Playing Conditions are finalised and in the document centre of the website. You will note that in the SLAR clubs are still not  required to provide teas but if any club wishes to WDCU is happy for that to happen. Please let me (and your opponents) know if this is the case.
  • Could clubs please note that for the first time in 10 years the umpires match fees have changed and are contained in the table below. These changes standardise the fees across all regions. WDCU acknowledges that the timing of this is far from ideal and that has been fedback to CSMOA from Cricket Scotland and all the regions.
Overs (total per day/game)
Current Umpire Match Fee Payment
Current Per-Over rate
2022 Proposed Umpire Match Fee Payment
2022 Proposed Per-Over Rate
2022 Proposed Single Umpire Fee (150%)
  • Could I also remind all clubs to complete an edit of your Player Reg pages and make all required changes to personal details , photographs etc. If you forward me a list of players who no longer play for you I can deactivate them for you. A small number of clubs (6) have done so already allowing 230 deactivations to take place. Thank you for that.
  • WDCU would like to remind clubs to review their Child Protection Policy and procedures and ensure they are up to date and active. Please note these are a  requirement form Cricket Scotland and should be kept current and available to all your members. Cricket Scotland has an officer responsible for this area should you require any further information or assistance.
  • Please note the WDCU in partnership with CSMOA have recently published three messages relating to Player Behaviour. if you haven’t done so could you please share these with your players /members. As a reminder the golden thread through each of the messages was:
         Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’
         Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU and                       CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.
        Finally can I on behalf of all at the WDCU  wish you all a splendid season of cricket played in the right spirit.