WDCU / CSMOA Pre season Communication plan – Player Behaviour – 2.

The second of our series of three joint messages has just been sent to all club contacts. It focuses on The CS Code of Conduct and the WDCU Discipline and Appeals Policy: Here it is in full:

Dear Club contact,
The second communication from the WDCU / CSMOA partnership in the pre season plan targeting Player Behaviour is regarding the Cricket Scotland (CS) Code of Conduct and the WDCU Disciplinary and Appeals Policy.
The CS Code of Conduct was updated for season 2021 and remains unchanged for 2022.
The CS Code of Conduct outlines behaviours and actions that breach the Spirit of Cricket and therefore, if committed by a Player or Team Official, amount to an offence by such Player or Team Official under the CS Code of Conduct.  Offences of this nature in the west are considered under the WDCU Disciplinary and Appeals Policy.
All Players and Team Officials are bound by and required to comply with all the provisions of the CS Code of Conduct. By their participation (in the case of a player) or assistance in a player’s participation (in the case of a team official) in any cricket match taking place directly under the auspices of Cricket Scotland or the WDCU such Players and Team Officials shall be deemed to have agreed that it is their personal responsibility to;                    
  • familiarise themselves with the CS Code of Conduct (including what conduct constitutes an offence).
  • familiarise themselves with the WDCU Discipline and Appeals Policy  and to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of any Discipline Panel Committee or Appeal Panel Committee established in terms of said Code Of Disciplinary Procedure to hear and determine any charges brought and any subsequent appeals pursuant to this Code Of Conduct, and
  • not to bring any proceedings in any other court or forum inconsistent therewith.
In season 2021 28 players faced 42 disciplinary charges of which 38 were upheld resulting in sanctions being handed down. These sanctions varied from a reprimand to an 18 week ban and all attracted demerit points which when a threshold is met result in additional bans. Clubs and players should familiarise themselves with these sanctions.
The WDCU / CSMOA are keen that these numbers are greatly reduced this year and feel that a greater understanding of the CS Code of Conduct and the WDCU Disciplinary Policy by all players and team officials would help achieve this.
Copies of the CS Code of Conduct and The WDCU Disciplinary and Appeals Policy are attached for your use. Please ensure they are shared widely within your club to members and players alike and in all your social media channels. Where possible they should all be made visible  in your clubhouse. Please note that a lack of knowledge of these documents will not be an acceptable defence should any charge be faced.
The message from the WDCU and CSMOA is repeated: ‘Respect your opponents and match officials and play in the Spirit of Cricket.’
Players who do not do so will face sanctions. Clubs who fail to control their players will also face team and whole club sanctions as the WDCU/CSMOA strive to tackle this issue.
This is the second of three messages and the final one will cover the laws of the game and in particular Law 41 and 42.
Kind regards Iain
WDCU Administrator

Iain Kennedy

WDCU Administrator