WDCU Saturday League Cricket – Structure 2023

The WDCU is pleased to announce the new Saturday League Structure commencing in season 2023. The Two Tier structure has been developed by CMC over a number of years with the aim of providing clubs with a suitably competitive framework whilst safegaurding the future of all our clubs.
The core structure was outlined to clubs prior to the commencement of the 2022 season and reinforced at the midway point of the season.
The new structure was prepared taking into consideration clubs finishing positions in the league in 2022. This was updated when 4 additional teams applied to and were accepted into the Saturday league structure by the CMC. The result of this is that the structure has 59 teams and they have been allocated in Two Tiers of 30(Tier 1) and 29 (Tier 2). The addition of the 4 new teams resulted in a number of teams that might have previously been relegated maintaining their position in the new structure.
Please note that there is promotion and relegation within the Tiers but not between the Tiers. The CMC will review the structure annually and should the circumstances merit it will initiate movement between the Tiers to maintain the integrity of the structure.
Further information regarding the Saturday League Administration Rules and the Competition Playing Conditions to follow.