Weirs CC v Glasgow Accies CC 27/05/2017

Following the awarding of the above match to Glasgow Accies by concession and subsequent appeal by Weirs CC on that decision.

The Appeals Panel were unanimous that the Appeal be rejected.

While the umpires had made some procedural errors in relation to the calculations following the rain interruptions, these were understandable in relation to the challenging circumstances and inappropriate pressures which they were subjected to. In any event, the Panel agreed that the umpires’ decision has to be respected as being final under the conventions of the game. It was noted that the umpires were correct in deciding that there was sufficient time left to constitute a match.  In all these circumstances there was agreement that there was no reason to overturn the WDCU CMC’s approval of the Umpires decision. Therefore the result and the automatic penalties arising from a concession of a match would stand.